Connection info

ip based information

Your ip address is

Your city is in ()

Your timezone is (based on your ip address) and (based on what your browser says)

Your isp's AS number is ()

Browser info

you are connected using

This info is extracted from your web browser's 'navigator' object. It is mostly for compatibility and means almost nothing, in fact the standard for several of these literally says what string to use (specifically appCodeName="Mozilla", appname="Netscape" and product="Gecko")
Also the userAgent here is not necessarily the same one that is sent in the header, they will usually be the same but it might be useful to compare for things like anti fingerprinting.

Header information

some of these headers, mostly the ones that start with cf, are added by cloudflare (this site is static so it uses a cloudflare worker to determine the headers, this is the only page on the site that connects to cloudflare)

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