This is a list of all the adverts that brave can display in your region. Sadly the list URL is the same for each region with the contents determined by geo-ip so without a server in every country brave supports (which would be expensive) I can't get ad lists other than the UK one on my server. Because of this the data is fetched by the web-page (so if you desperately want to see other regions please use a vpn).

This data is sourced from this JSON file. This is the same source as the brave browser itself so the data should be up to date.

If you don't see anything in the table brave probably hasn't launched in your country yet.

The current advertisers brave is displaying in are:

organization name(s)*
*most of the time these are all the same but some (see: amazon) use different brand names depending on the contents of the advert.
Advert text Target link Keywords Target platform(s)

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